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The Mental Health Benefits of Learning the Piano

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Calendar August 25, 2018

The Mental Health Benefits of Learning the Piano

Learning to play the piano has a whole host of benefits that you won’t even see, but you’ll certainly feel them from the first time you start playing.

Your brain loves a challenge, and it loves to be rewarded with feel good chemicals when you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment at having mastered a new skill.


Music – The Universal Stress Reliever

You can’t help but feel calmer and less stressed when you listen to a beautiful piece of piano music. Imagine how you’ll feel when it’s your hands playing that music.

Sure, you probably won’t be playing anything stress-relieving for the first few months little as you struggle to master this new skill, but that’s only temporary and completely normal.

Besides, when you learn piano, you also have to listen to a lot of piano music, maybe enough to counteract the stress caused by being a beginner.

Brain Benefits for Children Learning Piano

Parents who encourage their children to play piano know that by stimulating their brain with new challenges, the children benefit in many ways such as:

  • Improving language skills
  • Increasing vocabulary and reading skills
  • Accepting constructive criticism and building better mental health
  • Increasing the brains neural connections which develops higher mental power and aids in study and focus
  • Learning to avoid outside distractions
  • Learning that the way to make progress is by hard work and dedication


Brain Benefits for Adults Playing Piano

Many of the benefits that children receive from playing piano also apply to adults who play.

Using both hands to do different things while playing requires split concentration which, in turn, enhances mental acuity and coordination. It also builds new neural pathways which make for better brain power and an improvement in the quality of life.


For older adults, the challenge of learning to play a musical instrument can prevent age-related brain shrinkage and dementia and keep you mentally alert well into your senior years.

The Brain Boosting Power of Playing Piano

No matter what your age, studies have shown that learning to play piano makes you smarter. It changes the way your brain works and improves cognitive skills.

It can even increase your IQ and make you better able to cope with life in general by easing anxiety and depression. Who wouldn’t feel on top of the world after mastering a particularly difficult piece of piano music?

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