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The team at Pianoforte includes trained piano tuner and technician Sam, who created the company with his wife Bella in 1987. Sam and Bella are both passionate about music – Bella is a pianist herself – and Sam combines that passion with expert knowledge to get your piano sounding its best.
Whether Sam himself or one of his team undertakes your tuning, you can be assured of quality, friendly service, and the flexibility to tune your piano to A440 or any other piano tuning specification you need.

How Often Is Tuning Necessary?

Exactly how often you need a piano tuner will depend on your specific instrument, but regular tuning is essential to make sure your piano sounds beautiful.

Regular Piano Tuning

You may want to have you piano tuned once a year, or every six months, or at some other interval. Your piano’s manufacturer or our friendly staff can help you decide what works best for your instrument.

One-Off Tunings

As well as regular tunings, there may be times when you need a one-off tuning for a special purpose. If your piano has been moved between houses or venues it will likely need a tune, and the strains of being moved will have affected the strings’ tension. If you have a big concert coming up, it can also be a good idea to hire a piano tuner to make sure everything sound just right for your performance.

Convenient Piano Rentals

If you’re not sure which piano you want to buy, or simply can’t afford to pay outright, we offer piano rental and rent-to-buy options. We are specialists in piano hire for Sydney  –- whether you need a piano for a special event, a recording session, or just want to start learning while you pay it off, our friendly team can help you.
For all your piano rental and piano tuning needs in Sydney, choose the passion and expert knowledge of The Pianoforte. Call us on (02) 9411 8911 or enquire online.