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Piano Keyboards

Keyboards are a great way to start your piano playing career. Best brands available in the market like Yamaha, Casio, Roland and more
Smaller, lightweight and cheaper than acoustic pianos.

Piano Keyboard

As one of Australia’s leading independent Piano Dealership, Pianoforte offered a full range of quality and refurbished Upright and Grand Piano for both accomplished pianists and beginner. We have become one of the trusted piano stores for customers wishing to have their very first piano or for their upgrades.
Yamaha, Casio and Roland mark their position when it comes to a piano keyboard. The high-quality standard and excellence in tune lead them to become the market’s favourite. Kindly check the description of these brands for your preference and advantage.

YAMAHA Keyboards

Yamaha offers various types of a piano keyboard. Yamaha PSR series is equipped with touch-sensitive keys and an all tone generator that produces a fantastic array of sound perfect for performing and learning. With different effects similar to top models, the Yamaha PSR series has impressive capability and quality.

You can easily access its built-in songs- especially if you are starting to learn how to play. These convenient songs and lessons will undoubtedly improve your playing skills. Check out our latest Yamaha PSR Series and choose for your own need and want. We’ll be guiding you in your search!

CASIO Digital Pianos

If you’re not into buying a new Casio Piano Keyboard, now is the time for you to test them out in our showrooms! We offer various series with this brand: Casio CTX, Casio LK, Casio CTS are top in our market. These piano are more compact and much lighter compared to acoustic and digitals. Also, these pianos offer MIDI capabilities allowing you to connect to computers and some recording equipment.

If you have your queries about our Casio Piano Keyboard, feel free to call, and we’ll assist you along the way!

ROLAND Piano Keyboard

Enjoy a space-saving and actual piano performance with Roland’s GO Series. Featuring its lightweight and compact design, you can now enjoy your passion for playing wherever you are. Place your keyboard where it suits, turn your smartphone, and there you go. With its best features, you can easily connect this keyboard to any Bluetooth devices, and you can connect wirelessly with high-quality. Roland GO Series keeps you on track with your learning as you access many tools and front-panel controls.

So, if you’re looking for an easy access keyboard while evaluating your progress in learning, this one is for you! We’d love to guide you in your journey of becoming a great pianist.

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Showing 1–16 of 18 results