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Digital Pianos for Smaller Spaces and Budgets

Digital pianos offer great sound quality for a lower price. We have electronic pianos ranging from larger grand-style instruments complete with foot pedals to highly portable keyboards. Whatever your needs, you’ll find the instrument you’re looking for at The Pianoforte.
Is a Digital Piano Right for You?
Whereas acoustic pianos create music with strings and hammers, digital pianos use synthesised or sampled piano sounds triggered by the piano keys. The best digital pianos include foot pedals that allow players to control tone, and have weighted keys that give the feel of an acoustic piano. Electronic pianos are lighter, smaller, and less expensive than acoustic pianos, and they never need to be tuned.
When deciding which kind of piano to buy or rent, consider what you will be using it for, where it will be kept, and your budget. For smaller budgets and smaller spaces, digital options are probably best. Because they are more transportable, electronic pianos – especially keyboards – are also very suitable for working musicians who gig often. On the other hand, if you are a concert pianist or simply have no budget or space constraints, you may want to consider an acoustic piano.
Our Range of Digital Pianos
The friendly, well-trained staff in our Sydney piano stores can help you choose the best digital piano for you. We stock both upright- and grand-style electronic pianos, as well as more basic keyboards.
  • Upright and Grand-Style: These pianos are the closest simulation to an acoustic piano, so they are ideal if you are learning classical or contemporary piano but can’t afford or accommodate an acoustic. Our range includes some of the best digital piano brands around, like Casio and Roland.
  • Electronic Keyboards: Smaller electronic keyboards feel less like acoustic pianos, and they are extremely portable. These are very flexible, great for learning piano, sitting in on a jazz session, or blasting out synth lines in a techno band. The Pianoforte has a great range of keyboards, including top brands like Yamaha and Casio.
To find the perfect digital piano for you, visit one of our Sydney piano stores, or browse through the selection below.

The Best Selection of Digital Pianos in Sydney from the Pianoforte

Showing 1–16 of 48 results

Showing 1–16 of 48 results