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The World’s Number 1 Leader in Digital Pianos
Roland pianos are made with the one of the most superior designs on the globe. They manufacture and distribute a range of electronic musical instruments including Digital Pianos and Organs, Keyboards and Synthesizers.
Roland designers and manufacturers pride themselves on heading the trends on new technology. With over 30 years of musical instrument development, they truly do set the standards in music technology for the rest of the world to follow.

Roland has a wide selection of digital pianos and keyboards for musicians at all levels. There is something for every musician, from the affordable Roland piano to the ultra-modern Roland keyboard with features like built-in speakers. Whether you are just starting or have been playing your whole life, there is a Roland digital piano that will suit your needs.


The digital piano market leader, Roland, has been refining its products and leading the way for over 50 years. Roland digital pianos are the only ones to offer speaker systems built-in for live performances with no need for an extra amplifier or effects pedals.


The Roland piano, keyboard and digital pianos have a wide variety of voices that range from realistic acoustic instruments such as grand pianos, organs and harpsichords to synthesized voices inspired by pop, rock and electronic music.


Roland also offers various digital pianos to suit every purpose, from beginner through advanced player.


Roland’s entry-level FP series is comprised of a range of 61, 73 and 88-key keyboards.

The next tier up is their RP series which starts at 76 keys and offers rackmount options for professional players.


Offering a great range of high-quality instruments at all levels. They have introduced a new line that offers some features not typically found in digital pianos, such as:

·         Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology

·         Layering techniques from soundtracks to orchestral arrangements

·         Onboard sequencer for capturing performances or composing original music

·         Performance Assistant Technology (PAT)


This is Roland’s way of ensuring perfect timing performance on every note with no need for touch sensitivity adjustments during playtime.

Grab your very own Roland Keyboard now.

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Showing 1–16 of 21 results