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Roland GP-9M


The Ultimate Grand Piano for Entertainment and Stage Performance – Self-Playing Digital Grand


  • Height adjustable stool
  • AC Adaptor
  • Headphone hook
  • Maintenance set
  • Key cover, caster cups, cord clamps
  • Owner’s manual
  • 10 Year Roland Warranty

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GP Series

The GP9M brings you Roland’s premier piano experience, offering refined musical expression in a sophisticated and luxurious instrument that makes a majestic statement in any space. This impressive piano includes the same flagship sound and features as its sister model, the GP9, while adding moving keys, professional audio outputs, and a microphone input for singing along through the onboard speaker system. This makes the GP9M ideal for performance venues, commercial establishments, and homeowners looking for the ultimate piano entertainment showcase.


Modern Elegance

The GP-9M embodies signature piano elegance with its flowing curves, solid lines, and striking high-gloss ebony and polished white finishes. Like an acoustic grand, the lid can be opened to different positions to adjust the sound character or closed to create a flat surface when not in use. Smart touch controls in the panel provide intuitive access to essential functions as needed. And when you’re ready to play, you can turn off their backlighting to eliminate distractions and maintain the acoustic aesthetic.

Moving Keys

The GP-9M features a moving key function for entertaining at home gatherings and commercial venues like restaurants and hotels. Call up songs from the piano’s extensive onboard library or MIDI files via USB flash media, and then watch and listen as the keys magically play themselves. Roland Cloud also offers a growing library of songs that can be accessed via the Roland Piano App.

Versatile Audio Connectivity

Professional XLR outputs enable you to connect the piano directly to a house audio system in a performance venue or commercial establishment for broader sound coverage and independent control from the onboard speakers. All GP-9M sounds go to the outputs by default, but you can assign the dry piano sound, ambience only, or song playback to suit your needs. There’s a dedicated microphone input as well, allowing a performer to sing through the GP-9M’s sound system without the need for an external preamp or audio mixer.

Piano Reality

The GP-9M is built around advanced Roland’s Piano Reality approach, a sophisticated ecosystem of connected technologies comprising the sound engine, keyboard, pedals, audio components, and speakers. Each section is designed to work together flawlessly and transparently, allowing players to experience the purity of this wonderful instrument with unprecedented expression and realism.

Endlessly Inspiring Tone

Piano Reality Premium modeling leverages our latest technologies to recreate every sound-making element of an acoustic piano, putting the living response and complex tonal colors of a concert-class grand under your fingers. And with unlimited polyphony, notes and resonances ring in full detail to translate every musical emotion.

Authentic Grand Playability

The Piano Reality Concert keyboard provides unbounded expression with progressive hammer action, escapement, hybrid wood/molded key construction with Ivory Feel, and advanced acceleration sensing technology for accurate detection of the subtlest playing nuances. Fine details further elevate the feel, including long key pivot length and haptic vibration that emulates the subtle vibrations from an acoustic piano’s body. High-performance sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals round out the authentic experience, offering weighted feel, damper modeling, and support for traditional pedal techniques.

A Full-Immersion Sound Experience

The GP-9M features the Piano Reality Concert projection sound system, where multi-channel amplification, premium audio circuitry, and advanced sonic processing come together for the ultimate full-surround piano experience. The cabinet construction, speaker placement, and lid angle have all been carefully tuned to deliver the same bold and immersive sound presentation as a concert grand in a performance hall. And notes naturally move across the immediate sound field as you play, mirroring the physical string positions on an acoustic grand’s soundboard.

Personalize the Sound and Feel

The GP-9M offers several world-class grand piano sounds that are ready to enjoy. But if you’re an experienced player, you can dive into the onboard Piano Designer tools to further refine the tone and response for your personal touch. Adjust the string tuning and temperament, fine-tune keyboard sensitivity and duplex scaling, shape cabinet resonances, and much more. Customized settings can be recalled with a touch, a great feature for different pianists who play the GP-9M in a commercial environment or performance venue.

Easy Integration with Your Wireless World

With onboard Bluetooth, you can use your favorite mobile devices with the GP-9M. Stream songs from your music library through the piano’s speaker system to play along or provide background when relaxing or entertaining. Or use Bluetooth MIDI with music production apps to wirelessly compose using the GP-9M’s responsive weighted keyboard. USB ports are also available for connecting with computers and flash storage devices, providing more ways to explore your creativity and share music performances.

Roland Piano App

The Roland Piano App seamlessly extends the GP-9M experience with remote operation from your smartphone or tablet. Select sounds, control the metronome, and use the recording feature to evaluate your playing and hear where you need to improve. Browse the piano’s onboard songs and selections on Roland Cloud, and then call up digital scores to learn them at your own pace. And motivate yourself with lesson features that include an activity log with goals, flash card games, rhythm exercises, and a One Week Master program that guides you through learning different piano pieces.

Minimal maintenance, reduced weight

Acoustic grand pianos are extremely heavy, difficult to move, and require professional tuning and other regular maintenance to keep them sounding their best. Thanks to their digital sound engines, GP pianos weigh drastically less than their acoustic counterparts. And they’re always perfectly in tune, producing outstanding sound every time you power on.

More Digital Advantages

Volume control is within easy reach, and you can connect headphones to play anytime without disturbing others. The onboard metronome and simple rhythms help develop your sense of timing during daily practice sessions. And with Twin Piano mode, you can split the keyboard into two independent sections and play alongside a family member, friend, or teacher.


  • Piano Reality Modeling Concert Sound Engine (with Piano Reality Ambience)
  • Piano Reality Hybrid Concert Keyboard with Escapement, Ebony/Ivory Feel
  • Dynamic Sensor Acceleration Technology and Haptic Key Vibration
  • Piano Reality Projection Concert Sound System
  • Moving key: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0, 1, Moving key parts assignable)
    Player piano data (with Moving key format)
  • 324 tones, 394 songs
  • Limitless polyphony (using Piano tones)
  • 100 touch sensitivity levels and fixed touch
  • Ambience and Brilliance settings
  • MIDI recording
  • Audio and MIDI playback
  • Piano Designer – Customise your piano sound
  • Other functions: Metronome, tuning, transpose, dual/twin piano modes, speaker auto mute, auto off
  • Connectivity: USB Type A and B ports, 2x Phones jacks, Mic Input jack, Assignable output (L, R), Input Jacks
  • Bluetooth Audio & MIDI
  • Cabinet Speakers: 25 cm (with Speaker Box)
    Spatial Speakers: 16 cm x 2 (with Speaker Box) + 16cm
    Center Near-field Speakers: 8 cm x 2
    Near-field Speakers: 2.5 cm x 2
  • Amp Output: 25W x 2, 20W x 2, 15W x 2, 15W x 2
  • Assembled dimensions, lid open W x D x H (cm): 145 x 150 x 179
  • Assembled weight (kg): 188

Additional information

Weight 247 kg
Dimensions 172 × 184 × 50 cm



Roland Corporation is a renowned Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, including digital pianos and keyboards. The company was founded in 1972 by Ikutaro Kakehashi, who was also the founder of the well-known electronic musical instrument brand, Roland. In the early years, Roland primarily focused on synthesisers and electronic music equipment. However, they recognised the potential for digital pianos and keyboards in the market and began developing their own line of instruments in the 1980s. This marked the beginning of Roland's foray into the world of digital pianos and keyboards. Over the years, Roland has established itself as a leading brand in the industry, known for its innovation, high-quality sound, and cutting-edge technology. They have continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible with digital pianos and keyboards, offering musicians a wide range of instruments to choose from. 1. GO Keyboard Series: Offers compact and portable keyboards that are perfect for beginners, travel, and on-the-go musicians, providing a versatile and user-friendly musical experience. 2. FP/FP-X Series: Portable and versatile digital pianos suitable for stage performance and home use. 3. F/RP Series: Combines high-quality sound, realistic touch, and compact design, offering an immersive and enjoyable playing experience. 3. HP and LX Series: Home pianos with authentic piano playing experience, high-quality sound, and elegant designs. 4. Kiyola: A one-of-a-kind premium digital piano model that combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship, modern technology, and an elegant design for a luxurious playing experience. 5. GP Grand Series: The pinnacle of Roland's digital piano technology, offering exceptional sound quality, authentic piano touch, and a grand piano aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for professional pianists and those who desire a concert-worthy instrument for their home or studio. These are just a few examples of the digital pianos and keyboards offered by Roland. They have a diverse product lineup, ranging from entry-level instruments for beginners to professional-grade models for advanced musicians and performers. Roland's commitment to innovation and their dedication to providing musicians with high-quality instruments have solidified their reputation as one of the leading brands in the digital piano and keyboard market.