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Using Headphones to Make the Most of Your Piano

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Calendar September 10, 2018

Using Headphones to Make the Most of Your Piano

Learning to play the piano takes time, and those first few months of practice with the repetition of badly-played pieces can strain even the best relationships with those that have to listen to you play every day.

If you choose to learn on a keyboard or a digital piano, you can make use of the headphone jack and keep the peace at home.

Advantages of Using Headphones When you Practice

Besides keeping the noise levels down, there are a few more advantages to using headphones for your daily practice sessions.

If you’re in a classroom setting with other students, it avoids a cacophony of different piano notes and helps you to focus on your playing, not other people’s.

Digital pianos and keyboards are portable and can be taken with you to maintain your practice schedule wherever you go. Using headphones ensures only you can hear the notes you play.

A good quality set of headphones will work to separate the sounds so you can easily hear each note. You can listen to professionally played piano pieces to analyse the sound and help you to play better.



You can also listen to your own recorded practice sessions with headphones to determine where you’re going wrong and where you can make improvements.

You’ll be less distracted by outside noises when you practice wearing headphones, and you’ll have much better focus and concentration which could lead to shorter practice sessions.

Good Quality Headphones

Always buy the best quality headphones you can afford. They’re an investment in your future skills as an accomplished piano player. When properly cared for, good quality headphones will give you many years of service.

With headphones, price does reflect quality, and buying cheaper ones won’t save you money in the long run because you’ll have to replace them much sooner.

Use ‘over-ear’ or full-sized headphones with cushioned ear cups that completely enclose the ears. This will cancel out any outside noises and keep your piano notes contained to your ears only.

In-ear headphones or earbuds are not recommended, as they can fall out when you move and you’ll have to stop playing to put them back in your ears.

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