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Best Practice for Mastering the Piano

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Calendar September 27, 2017

Best Practice for Mastering the Piano

Do you want to improve your piano playing skills? Like anything, you can do it as long as you put your mind to it. Everything life, whether it be sports, career or music needs a regular routine of rehearsal if you want to become an expert.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make yourself a true pianist. Here are some of the best practice tips that we recommend.

Get Your Technique Right, Every Time

If you want to master any piano piece, then you need to make sure you get the technique right from the start. Bad habits will only make it harder for you to take on more challenging pieces and you’ll find yourself wanting to give up faster. Be disciplined in practicing with the right technique, especially in terms of finger placement to ensure you have a higher chance of success when it comes to becoming an expert pianist.

Challenge Yourself

Write down a few goals and stick to them. List your goals in order of difficulty and make sure they are pieces of music you have always wanted to pay. If you don’t challenge yourself, your playing abilities won’t increase, and you’ll eventually lose interest, so keep making it harder on yourself and don’t give up. Motivate yourself and you will get there.

Get to Know the Music

Before you start learning a new piece of music, take the time to understand it. Check the key and look for any repeated sections and everything else you can identify. The more you understand the music, particularly as pieces get more complicated, the easier it will be for you to master them. There’s nothing wrong with writing your notes on or beside a piece of music as you are learning to play it.

Train Your Ears

Some people have a better ‘ear for it’ than others, but don’t despair if your ears aren’t trained yet. All you need to do is listen to plenty of music and start listening to different performances of the same piece. Don’t forget to listen to what you play too. You can do this by recording and playing it back at first. When you listen to your own music you will begin to train your ear on how to improve it and thus, be able to hear yourself as you play too. 

Keep Motivated By Getting Lessons

Consider piano lessons similar to getting a personal trainer. The more you do it, the more motivated you will be to achieve.

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