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Finding a Piano Teacher

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Calendar November 11, 2016

Finding a Piano Teacher

Choosing a piano teacher is a very important and personal decision. You need someone you will get along with, who will inspire you and nurture your love for playing the piano.

Below we’ll go over a few tips to help find a piano teacher who will foster your love of music and encourage you to make the most of your lessons.

What Are You Looking for?

What are you hoping to accomplish with piano lessons? Consider your ambitions, your musical taste, your current skill level and the amount of commitment you’re willing to make. A great teacher should have the personality, communication style and learning methods that are right for you.

Don’t tell yourself “anyone can teach beginners”. Your first teacher plays a huge role in determining your success as a player. They are the ones that set the foundation of how to practice, as well as teaching you the fundamentals of reading and technique. These things will always be with you and the habits created during this time will be hard to change.

When and Where?

How far are you willing to travel for the most appropriate teacher? Closer is usually the better choice and teachers can often recommend ones nearer to you. You may even be able to find a teacher who comes to your house. That being said, travelling teachers are rare these days and will charge you for their travel expenses.

Scheduling a lesson will, of course, depend on your personal commitments. But try not to be too picky at the start. If you find a great teacher, but they don’t have an ideal time slot, try to stick it out for a bit if possible. As the teacher’s schedule changes over time, you’ll likely have the opportunity to move to a better slot.

Interviewing and Meeting Potential Teachers

Ask prospective teachers about their overall teaching philosophy as well as their qualifications and methods. Do they teach full time? Do they hold recitals? Are they practising professional musicians? How many students do they have? What kind of students do they have? How long will lessons be?

These questions will provide insights into what to expect out of your lessons.

At the end of the day, go with your gut. Deep down you know what you want, what kind of people you get along with, and what kind of environment makes you feel comfortable.

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