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Mozart’s Famous Piano Pieces

Calendar June 10, 2018

Mozart’s Famous Piano Pieces

As one of the world’s most famous composers, many of Mozart’s piano pieces have stood the test of time. After many decades, they are still played in venues and recognised across the world. If you are looking to learn Mozart’s pieces, here’s our guide to his best works.

Who Was Mozart?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born in 1756, was an incredibly influential composer of the classical era. Mozart showed incredible piano playing abilities early in life. At just five years old, he composed and performed for European royalty. While he died at the early age of 35, Mozart managed to compose more than 600 works, including symphonies, operas and concertos.

Mozart’s Piano Style

Mozart would be considered a classical composer. However, within the realm of classical music he was extremely versatile, writing in a range of genres such as symphony, opera, chamber music and more.

Mozart’s Famous Pieces

Mozart’s most famous pieces are the ones that have stood the test of time. Although classical music isn’t as popular, you can still recognise Mozart’s pieces today. They are soothing songs we play to our children, music that adorns beautiful spaces, and pieces we meditate to. Some of Mozart’s best, and most recognisable works include:

Eine Kleine Nachtmusick

Loosely translated as “a little night music”, this piece is one of the most well-known pieces written by Mozart, and perhaps is one the most recognised classical pieces ever around the world.

Symphony No. 40 – 1st Movement “Allegro”

This is one of Mozart’s most successful symphonies, and can be recognised by many as soon as the first movement begins.

The Marriage of Figaro

The Marriage of Figaro is one of Mozart’s most famous opera overtures. The Marriage of Figaro is claimed as one of the top ten most performed operas worldwide today.

Piano Concerto No.21

This piano concerto is simply beautiful and encapsulates Mozart’s passion for the piano. The second movement of the 21st piano concerto shows the range of his style and also portrays his emotional capabilities throughout the piece.

Piano Concerto No.20

Another stunning example of Mozart’s capabilities is the slow, beautiful movements in the 20th piano concerto. The second movement in this piece is one of his most famous, and was featured in the movie, Aadeus.

Learn to Play Mozart’s Famous Pieces

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