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Our Favourite and Inspiring Piano Practice Tools

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Calendar May 25, 2018

Our Favourite and Inspiring Piano Practice Tools


There are a lot of ways your piano practice can be enhanced to make sure you get the best out of your rehearsal. Along with books and Apps, we know all the best resources that will help you be the best pianist you can be.

Check out our handy guide to all the best tools for practising the piano here.


There are so many apps available for learning piano that it can be very overwhelming to find the right one. There are also apps available for more advanced players, and even some for tuning your piano. Try not to spend too much time exploring these apps, as you might find yourself spending more time downloading rather than playing. Our favourite ones you can choose from include:

Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano is one of the most popular apps available today for learning and mastering piano. It was chosen as one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2017 and it’s easy to see why. Simply Piano is full of courses for varying musical tastes, and caters to beginners and professionals.


Piano Maestro by JoyTunes

Piano Maestro is similar to Simply Piano, but aimed at teachers and families. This app will help your child learn to sight-read as well as learn rhythm and technique. It’s a great use of screen time to make piano learning fun.


If you’re looking for an interactive app to learn piano, then Skoove will be the one for you. Skoove claims to be more of a virtual guide, taking you through the learning process lesson by lesson and even providing real-time feedback as you play.

Easy Piano Tuner by Willey Piano

If you’re not using a keyboard, it’s always handy to have a piano tuner at hand. The Easy Piano Tuner is a professional tuning program that will ensure your piano’s pitch and tone are perfect every time you play.


If books are more your thing, there are plenty of great ones around for learning the piano, to something a little more advanced. At Pianoforte, we recommend:

  • The Joy of First-Year Piano by Denes Agay
  • The Classic Piano Course by Carol Barratt

Online Academy

The Hoffman Academy has grown in popularity over the last couple of years as a fantastic online resource for learning the piano. There are more than 200 video lessons that provide step-by-step instruction, along with a whole other range of tools and games to make students of all ages become piano players.

Piano Workshops

Learning to play piano on your own can be pretty isolating, and it can be hard to remain focused when learning online or via a book. Workshops are a great alternative, as they get you learning and receiving face to face feedback from professionals. In Sydney, there are a variety of piano workshops you can choose from. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Piano Lessons for Beginners – Sydney Community College
  • Piano for Beginners – Conservatorium Open Academy
  • Jazz Workshop Australia – Music School

Find Out More With Us

With a well-tuned piano, you can combine it with the right resources to help you learn. At Pianoforte, our team not only helps you find a suitable piano, but we also run music lessons to help you tone your skills. We also as well offer rental, tuning and repair services. Visit a showroom in Sydney or contact us to find out more.