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The Difference Between a Good and an Amazing Piano Player

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Calendar May 15, 2018

The Difference Between a Good and an Amazing Piano Player

Many people who take up the piano for a considerable length of time will become good musicians. However, there can be a mix of things that will turn a good piano player into an amazing piano player.

While some may put it down to natural born talent, there are a few other factors that come into play when making an excellent pianist.


Like any new skill you are trying to learn, it takes a strong amount of commitment to master the piano. Persistent effort over a length of time will yield results, but those who stop training may find themselves only a good piano player rather than an amazing one.


Are you able to motivate yourself to keep going at something, even when it gets too hard? When learning an instrument, you might find it difficult to get beyond being ‘good’ as it becomes trickier to learn more advanced skills. Those who are able to motivate themselves to keep going are far more likely to become advanced pianists rather than the ones who quit.

Making Rehearsals Count

It’s up to you whether you choose to fall into playing familiar pieces each time you practice, or to try something new and challenging. The more you perfect challenging pieces, the more likely you are to get better at playing. If you keep the same pieces aimed at your current skill level, you are far less likely to improve.

Having a Good Teacher

Self-taught often has its limits, and that’s where professional help can have a huge advantage when it comes to learning how to play piano. A good teacher will be able to progressively challenge your skills, allowing you to form a steady improvement.

Proper Rests

Those who play piano professionally may find themselves rehearsing in long stints of time, rather than spacing out their practice. This can lead to fatigue and be quite draining on the fingers! It’s always important to rest between rehearsals to maintain the best focus and improvement when playing.

Do it for Enjoyment

Those who learn the piano for fun will have a better chance of mastering the instrument. If you enjoy playing the piano, then take time out of your day, every day, to play it! Have fun, experiment and play pieces that are in a style you enjoy.

Own a High-Quality Piano

When you sit down to a beautiful piano, you’ll feel far more motivated to play. Don’t settle for being ‘good’ at piano, and don’t settle for a piano that just ‘does the job’. At Pianoforte, our team helps you find the perfect piano, as well as offering music lessons to help you become a master pianist. We also have rental, tuning and repair services. Visit a showroom in Sydney or contact us to find out more.