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Beautiful Piano Music for Weddings

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Calendar June 25, 2018

Beautiful Piano Music for Weddings

A wedding is one of life’s greatest celebrations, and with that comes the task of choosing timeless music to match the day. Music is actually something that runs through the entire day from start to finish. Before you choose that tacky tune to play on your wedding DVD, check out our handy guide on all the wonderful piano pieces to be used at your wedding.

Why Choose Piano Music at a Wedding?

If you’re considering piano music as an option for your wedding, you have plenty of good reason to. Here’s why piano music is a clear winner at weddings:

Classy atmosphere

There’s nothing like a grand piano sitting in a room to bring class and sophistication to an occasion. Add some suitable piano tunes and you will truly have the experience of a relaxed, stylish wedding.

Timeless music

Choosing music can be tricky, but when it comes to piano pieces there are so many to choose from. These are pieces that never become outdated, and your children and children’s children will be able to recognise (and maybe play themselves).

Beautiful sound

While DJs and cover bands can be great fun, they can also get rather noisy and distorted in a small space, making it hard for your guests to hear one another. Pianists or piano-led ensembles bring clarity to the wedding space with simplistic melodies that won’t tune anyone out.

A variety of tastes to choose from

Piano can be played in many varieties. It can classical or upbeat modern, and wordless or with a singer/band. The choice is yours depending on your interests.

Beautiful Piano Pieces for Weddings

With hundreds of perfect piano pieces to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones are right for you wedding. Here are some of our favourites:

• Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel
• A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Felix Mendelssohn
• Ave Maria by Johann Sebastian Bach
• Ode to Joy by the O’Neill Brothers
• Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner
• Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn
• Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ Ole

Singers or Bands with a Piano

If you’re looking for some romantic words to accompany a piano piece, then you might consider a pianist who can also sing or a piano-featured ensemble. There are plenty of classic and modern piano artists with lovely pieces to consider. Try piano artists like Norah Jones, Ben Folds or Regina Spektor to help you set the scene.

All Your Piano Services

At Pianoforte, not only do we help you find the perfect piano, but we’re also happy to have a chat to you about your wedding needs. We also offer music lessons, rental, tuning and repair services. Visit a showroom in Sydney or contact us to find out more.