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Calendar December 23, 2016

Piano Storage – How to Do It Safely Pianos are very heavy and large, as well as being very delicate. This makes moving and storing them a daunting process. Certain precautions need to be taken in order to prevent expensive or irreparable damage, as well as avoiding personal injury.

Calendar November 11, 2016

Finding a Piano Teacher Choosing a piano teacher is a very important and personal decision. You need someone you will get along with, who will inspire you and nurture your love for playing the piano. Below we’ll go over a few tips to help find a piano teacher who will foster your love of music… Continue reading Finding a Piano Teacher

Calendar October 28, 2016

Why Do Pianos Need to Be Tuned? Most people don’t know how often their piano needs to be tuned, or why it needs to be tuned at all. Exactly how often you need your piano tuned depends on your specific instrument, but regular tuning is essential to keep a piano sounding beautiful.

Calendar October 14, 2016

Proper Piano Hand Positioning Guide Understanding proper piano hand positions is an important first step for beginners learning the piano. Not only does it encourage good technique, but it also reduces fatigue while playing. Here are our tips on correct hand positioning and proper fingering.

Calendar September 15, 2016

The Best Digital Apps for Piano Players Practising and learning to play the piano can be difficult, especially if you can’t always have someone there to help and teach you. Luckily, today’s digital world has birthed a number of piano apps that are easy to download and easy to use.

Calendar September 1, 2016

Born into poverty in France in 1862, Claude Debussy’s immense talent on the piano and gifts for composition saw him rise from humble beginnings to create musical impressionism, becoming a world renowned composer.