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Piano Storage – How to Do It Safely

Three men moving a piano from an apartment
Calendar December 23, 2016

Piano Storage – How to Do It Safely

Pianos are very heavy and large, as well as being very delicate. This makes moving and storing them a daunting process. Certain precautions need to be taken in order to prevent expensive or irreparable damage, as well as avoiding personal injury.

Proper Piano Storage

As a piano owner, you may know that a piano need an ideal temperature and humidity level in order to maintain its value and condition. It should be kept away from direct sunlight, windows, vents, fireplaces or walls where it will endure extreme changes in temperature or humidity. These extreme changes can cause swelling and shrinking of your piano’s soundboard. This can put your piano out of tune or warp the hardwoods in your piano.

Ideally, you want to find a piano storage facility that offers humidity and temperature control all year around, as well as keeping dust to a minimum. A piano should also be stored on a floor with a level surface with no risk of water leakage. If you have to choose between a warm and a cool place, always choose cooler.

Before placing your piano in storage, it needs a thorough clean and polish. You also need to cover the keys with a cloth to keep dust out and a place a protective cover over the entire piano. This ensures it is in a well-maintained condition for the duration of storage.

Use a Professional

The best, most hassle-free way of moving and storing a piano is to use a professional piano mover. Pianos can weigh between 150 kg and half a tonne and can cost up to $50,000. Enlisting a professional piano mover to move one of your most valuable and heaviest pieces of furniture is well worth it.

Piano moving specialists ensure your piano is kept level and moved with proper equipment, preventing serious damage. Different equipment is needed for different models and sizes of pianos, from careful manual lifting to specially designed dollies. Piano movers will plan a suitable moving route, measuring door openings and minimising obstacles. They will also wrap your piano in thick, shock absorbing packing blankets secured with packing tape. This eliminates the chance of scratches, dents and other damage.

Pianoforte has a team of expert piano movers who have expert knowledge on piano models and functions. We can provide a stress-free, prompt relocation, as well as recommending appropriate storage solutions. Contact us for more information on hassle-free piano moving in Sydney.