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Common Piano Problems for Beginners

Piano lesson for beginner. Six-year-old girl started learning piano
Calendar February 21, 2019

Learning to play piano for the first time can be a rewarding experience, but many beginners often report frustration and discouragement. Piano is not an easy instrument to play, and it’s only natural that new students will make a few mistakes here and there. Many beginning pianists tend to make the same mistakes when starting out. It’s important to correct some of these common mistakes before falling into bad habits.

Playing Too Fast

It’s easy to get carried away when learning a new piece for the first time. Many beginner pianists will rush through a piece, resulting in mistakes and errors all the way through. When learning a new piece of music, don’t play it at the intended tempo at first. While this might seem like strange advice, it’s a much better idea to slow down when you’re learning. By playing the piece at half or quarter speed, you’ll be able to establish muscle memory and get a proper feel for the rhythm, articulation and phrasing.

Avoiding Lessons

With so many online resources, it can seem like anyone can learn to play piano at home. While web tutorials and video lessons are great, the internet simply cannot replace a qualified piano teacher. If you’re learning piano from scratch, it’s important that you establish proper hand positioning and posture before you start learning compositions. By trying to learn in private, you could pick up some bad habits that are difficult to correct later on. It’s always best to work with an experienced piano teacher who can correct your technique and offer personalised tips for improvement.

Not Practicing Effectively

One of the biggest hurdles for new piano players is finding the time and motivation to practice. However, it’s important to consider how you’re practicing, not just when. Some amateur pianists will sit down to practice, only to play a few favourite songs and call it a day. Practice is about improving specific techniques, so focusing on a small section of a piece and playing it over and over again could be more effective. It’s also important to challenge yourself. You won’t improve by playing the same easy songs for your entire practice session.

Not Using Accessories

There are a range of tools piano players can use to help them as they learn. A metronome is the beginner pianist’s best friend! Using a metronome when you practice can help to refine your sense of rhythm. When playing an unfamiliar piece, some beginner pianists will naturally slow down as they approach a difficult section. Using a metronome forces you to stay in time. It’s also a good idea to invest in some simple recording equipment. By recording yourself playing and listening to it back, you can identify key areas for improvement.

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