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4 Ways Learning Piano Benefits Your Brain

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Calendar February 4, 2019

As any musician or music teacher can tell you, there are a huge range of benefits of learning music. Although it can be a tricky skill to pick up at first, the cognitive benefits are absolutely worth it. Scientists are becoming increasingly interested in how music can affect the brain, and recent research indicates there could be endless benefits to learning an instrument. Whether you’re looking to boost your memory, improve your multitasking skills or even reduce stress, learning the piano could be the key.

Improve Your Multitasking Ability

When you play piano, you’re forcing your brain, eyes, hands and feet to work together. As all beginner piano players know, this is no easy task. Improved multitasking ability is one of the great cognitive benefits of piano playing. As you learn more complex pieces, you’ll become better at balancing all the different tasks involved in piano playing. Before you know it, you’ll be playing your favourite songs without evening trying! Improving your multitasking skills has a range of benefits away from the piano. You may even find it easier to study, work or complete chores at home.

Halt Memory Loss

As we get older, we tend to become more forgetful over time. This can be incredibly frustrating, and some people find the experience of losing their memory highly distressing. However, by playing piano, you can help to combat the memory loss that comes with ageing. Many studies have recognised the link between learning an instrument and increased memory function. When compared to other memory training tools, playing piano is also a lot of fun! You could even challenge yourself by attempting to learn some complex pieces by heart.

Cognitive Ability

Researchers have been investigating the link between piano and intelligence for years. Today, musicians can welcome the news that playing piano actually boosts brain function. All the multitasking, hand-eye coordination and memory power involved in playing piano means our brains are pushed to the very limit. As it turns out, this is actually a great workout for the brain. Years of learning piano can lead to increased ability in problem solving, logic, language and decision making. Learning an instrument can also boost your creativity!

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

There’s a reason why music therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many researchers have been studying the mental health benefits of learning music, and the results are looking good. Some adults who have learnt to play piano report a decrease in stress, anxiety, fatigue and even depression. Just playing a simple song on the keyboard or piano can help relax the body and refocus the mind. This is one of many reasons to take up piano as a hobby.

Find the Perfect Piano

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