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When Should You Start Learning to Play Piano?

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Calendar October 10, 2018

When Should You Start Learning to Play Piano?

There is no ‘right time’ to start learning to play the piano. Anyone at any age can learn; they just need to have enough reason to be motivated and committed enough to put in the time and energy to practice every day.

If you didn’t have piano lessons as a child, it’s never too late to start learning. Some might argue that children learn quicker, but not every child wants to learn piano.

As we get older, our opinions and feelings change, so don’t let a little thing like age stop you from learning to play the piano.

Learning to Play Piano as a Child or Adult

For children, the optimum time to start piano lessons is between six and eight years old. At this age, children are old enough to understand that it needs to be taken seriously and should be, and yet still young enough to learn and retain the information quickly.

Adults do have some advantages when it comes to learning to play. There’s very little chance that they’re being forced to play, as some children might be. Therefore, they’re more likely to keep up with daily practice and enjoy it even more.

As an adult, you’ll have a better reason for learning than a child who can’t see the big picture years into the future.

Learning to play as child has the benefit of ensuring a good command of the piano by the time the child grows up, but as an adult, you’ll be more motivated to learn faster, and you may even have more time to devote to practice.

More Benefits of Learning to Play Piano as an Adult

If you’re an adult who wants to learn to play piano, you have the advantage of modern technology to assist you.

If you’d started as a child, you wouldn’t have had all new apps and techniques, and it’s possible you would have grown bored and given it up at the first opportunity.

Here are some more benefits that can be enjoyed by adults of all ages when they start piano lessons:


  • You’re more likely to realise the de-stressing benefits of playing piano, and much more likely to need them
  • You’ll feel more of a sense of achievement when you master a piece of music
  • You can make your own decisions about what to play, when to play, how to play and your choice of piano
  • You’ll have a deeper commitment, especially if you’ve invested a lot of money in your own piano

Professional Advice from the Piano Specialists

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