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Top Three Leading Digital Piano Brands You Should Consider

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Calendar November 30, 2020

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When you’re looking for a digital piano, there are so many brands and tiers to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Not to worry, we’re here to help!

As you’re researching the different types of digital pianos available, think about what is most important to you about your new instrument. Consider how heavy or light you want the keys to be, the tone you’re after, whether size and weight is a factor and, of course, your budget.

To get you started, we’ll unpack the basics of the top three leading digital piano brands on the market today!


Yamaha are the oldest, and arguably the most prestigious brand of the three, starting their journey in Japan in 1887. Yamaha are well-known for their traditional values when it comes to the instruments they make, held in especially high esteem for their pianos (being the first and only instrument they manufactured right up until the 1950s).

Yamaha’s digital pianos are the most ‘piano-oriented’ of the brands we’re covering off today. Their aim is to imitate the sound and feel of an acoustic piano as closely as possible, by sampling their own acoustic pianos. The tone of a Yamaha digital piano is rich and bright, with a deep tonality and strong bass. Many of Yamaha’s digital pianos have hammer action, weighting their keys a little heavier than other digital pianos, for a more genuine feel.

Yamaha digital pianos are simple to operate, foregoing a lot of the bells and whistles that you’ll find in other brands in favour of a superior sound and more authentic experience.


Roland are known for their cutting edge technology when it comes to designing and engineering digital pianos. Roland began in the 1970s, so they’re on the other end of the spectrum in terms of age and experience when compared to brands like Yamaha. Despite this, they have pioneered significant technological development in digital pianos, which has made them a key player in the industry.

Roland are best known for their digital stage pianos. Due to the advanced sound engines in their digital pianos, they are able create and carry resonance in larger, fuller concert spaces.

The tone of a Roland digital piano is warm and rounded, sampled from Steinway concert grand piano to achieve this ballad-style depth. Roland pianos are a popular pick of working musicians due to their unique combination of authentic sound and advanced engineering that makes them easy to integrate with other technology, instruments and spaces.

Roland digital pianos mimic the look and feel of an acoustic, while also boasting features like built-in electronic music readers and localised sound-mixing capabilities.


Casio has not always had a strong stake in the digital piano industry, due to being well-known for manufacturing a range of other products, most famously, calculators. That being said, over time, Casio has joined the ranks as being one of the most popular digital piano brands on the market today.

As with other digital piano brands, Casio has multiple tiers to suit varying needs, including usage and budget. The best thing about Casio is that their digital pianos generally offer the most bang for buck, as they’re able to provide reasonably high quality sound, with a diverse range of features, at a very affordable price. For those looking for a budget option that still mimics the feel of an acoustic piano, Casio sells their digital pianos with weighted keys at a Lower price, compared to other brands.

Casio digital pianos are ideal for beginners as they have an ‘experience-first’ design. Despite the sound not being quite as full or resonant as a Yamaha or a Roland, Casios are known for their fun and useful features that can be really helpful when first learning to play. Most Casios also come with a range of other simulated sounds and beats for those who want to mix tracks or use backbeats when playing.

These leading brands are all highly respected in the digital piano market. At the end of the day, the one you choose will depend on the features that are most important to you, the sound quality that resonates with you the most and the budget that you have available.

If you have any questions about the style of digital piano that might suit you best, or want to know more about the brands listed above, contact us online today!