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How To Select The Right Piano Shop in Sydney

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Calendar September 30, 2020

Are you learning to play piano? Maybe you’re ready for an upgrade or you’ve just moved into a space where there’s enough room for an acoustic piano?

Whatever the reason, buying a piano is a really exciting experience! That’s why choosing the right piano shop is really important. You want to make sure you’re getting your piano advice from people who really understand their instrument and have a love of the craft and the artform.

While you’re doing your research, there are a few things to look for that will help you find the right piano shop in Sydney for you. We’ve put some of those things together below to help get you started!

Knowledgeable Sales Consultants

As with anything, dealing with knowledgeable sales consultants is a must. The reality is, there are lots of different piano brands and styles available that all come with their own unique sound and aesthetic.

The mark of a good piano sales consultant is that they’re able to make recommendations based on what you’ve told them. They’ll also ask you questions like: ‘are you looking for an acoustic or digital piano?’, ‘what kind of music do you play?’, ‘how big is your space?’, ‘how long have you been playing?’, ‘what kind of budget are we working with?’. All these kinds of questions will help a knowledgeable piano sales consultant guide you towards the types of pianos that are going to suit your needs.

Long Established Business

It’s not just important to be working with knowledgeable sales consultants, working with a long-established and experienced piano shop in Sydney is also something to consider when buying your instrument.

A piano shop with a long history of selling and servicing pianos is a great place to start your piano-purchasing journey. Long-standing piano shops will have the added advantage of seeing brands and technology change and advance over time and will be able to provide a more well-rounded perspective on what kind of piano is right for you.

Family-Owned and Operated

Selecting a piano shop that is also a family business is a bonus! When it comes to family-owned and operated piano shops, there’s always that little extra love and care that goes into the experience.

Families who own and run piano shops are often seasoned musicians themselves, with a wealth of knowledge and experience that cannot be rivalled. These family-owned piano shops are built and run on passion for the craft and a commitment to the best possible experience for customers. When you head into a family-owned piano shop, you know you’re in good hands!

Strong Social Proof

Another great way to choose the right piano shop in Sydney is paying heed to social proof. Does it have great reviews and testimonials online? Do you have any friends or family who have great piano shop recommendations to share? Is the piano shop busy or have multiple locations because it’s so successful?

Keep an eye out for piano shops in Sydney that source crowds and have consistently great reviews online. There’s always a reason for their popularity!

After-Sale Tuning & Servicing

Buying a piano is one thing, looking after it is something else altogether. A piano isn’t a ‘set-and-forget’ purchase, so the service provided by your piano shop shouldn’t be either.

The best piano shops in Sydney also offer after-sale tuning and servicing. This aftercare is important for keeping your piano in-tune and in great condition. Choose a piano shop that will support you with your ongoing piano servicing needs – a well looked-after piano will last you a lifetime.

There are so many factors that tie into choosing the right piano shop in Sydney to buy your piano from.

Make sure that the recommendations provided by the piano sales consultants are backed by strong knowledge and experience, do some research into the best-rated piano shops in Sydney and don’t forget to ask about after-sale piano care!

Looking to buy a piano and need some recommendations? The Pianoforte family would love to help! Contact us online today!