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Should I Get a Second Hand or a New Piano?

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Calendar June 12, 2017

Should I get a Second Hand or New Piano?

Deciding whether to purchase a second hand piano or a new one is a big decision. So, we have put together here for you a guide that looks into both of these options and considers all the pros and cons of each. Buying a piano is a long term investment, so it’s definitely best if you get it right the first time.

Factors to Consider when Making Your Decision

Below we have listed for you both the advantages and disadvantages of buying a second hand piano, as well as a new one.  Please read through them carefully to make sure you understand.

Afterwards, why not visit your piano store in Sydney?

Key Advantages of a New Piano

– You will find there are lower maintenance costs involved with such a piano and it will have a longer life expectancy.

– A new piano should not have any product defects, but if you spot any, you are well covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. This will protect you, giving you peace of mind.

 Key Disadvantages of a New Piano

– You will need a substantial amount of money to purchase a new piano and as a result the upfront cost is usually quite high. If your store provides flexible payment options though, then this could be a good avenue to take.

– If for some reason you need to sell your piano within the first few years of purchasing it you will lose a large part of the money you paid for it, as the depreciation of a brand new piano is quite high.

– You are limited in choice when it comes to choosing styles and finishes for a new piano as these tend to come within a set number attached.

 Advantages of a Second-Hand Piano

The main advantage to buying a second hand piano is the obvious reduced cost saving you lots of money. You would be generally saving a couple of hundred dollars here. This makes all the difference especially if you’re on a tight budget or just wish to save money.

If you need to sell the piano at some point, even within a few years of buying it, you can normally expect to get back some good money for it. Unlike a new piano which was already depreciated when you bought it, you won’t be losing a lot of money.

– With a second hand piano, you will have a much wider range of old styles and finishes to choose from.  As a result, it will make buying much more fun and interesting.

– Keep in mind a second hand piano in Sydney can be restored to the point that it almost seems like its brand new.

Disadvantages of Buying a Second-Hand Piano

– Normally you wouldn’t get any kind of warranty on such a piano unless you purchase it through a dealer or you have it restored and receive a warranty from the restorer. Check with your dealer first.

– Used pianos have higher maintenance costs, a shorter life expectancy and a bigger chance of finding defects. However, all of these can be avoided if you have it inspected by a piano technician and have a reputable piano repairer in Sydney.

 Make your Decision

Hopefully with the above advice you are now equipped to make your decision as to whether you prefer a new or second-hand piano. Make sure to visit a piano showroom in Sydney to find your perfect piano and have a piano tuner help get it tuned.

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