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Australian Pianos vs European Pianos

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Calendar October 26, 2017

Australian Pianos vs European Pianos

Australian pianos have come a long way in recent years and are now just as popular as European pianos in the Australian market. Competitive factors such as quality, price and aesthetics make choosing between Australian and European pianos a tricky choice! We’ve created this handy guide to help you with the pros and cons of each.

Australian Pianos

There are very few Australian pianos that are not labelled Australian but manufactured elsewhere. True Australian branded and manufactured pianos include the Beale Piano, Stuart & Sons and Overs Piano. The Beale piano is no longer manufactured in Australia, but is still available to purchase (used).

Australian Piano Pros

If you can manage to purchase an Australian piano, you’ll feel lucky you did, because some of them have advantages including:

  • Service provided by Australians who know their instrument: If you buy Australian, chances are you’ll find it easier to get parts for your piano and quality advice should you need to have the company adhere to its warranty provided.
  • Quality control assured: Australian companies often have a higher quality control compliance, ensuring a higher standard product.
  • Built with only the best Australian timber: Australian timber is some of the most effective and durable in the world, and it’s also adjusted to our climate, meaning your piano will too.
  • Investing in an Australian product effects the industry: Investing in an Australian product means you’re helping our industry and keeping jobs right here in Australia.
  • Uniqueness: Most Australian pianos aren’t mass produced, meaning your product remains unique and a time treasured investment.

Australian Piano Cons

While Australian pianos are pretty great, they can have some disadvantages, including:

  • Cost: due to the uniqueness and quality, they can be costly.
  • Limited choices: there aren’t many pianos manufactured in Australia using Australian parts, making your choice quite limited.

European Pianos

Many European branded pianos offer a luxurious look and feel that gives them the exquisiteness which makes them so popular. European brands that are most notable include Steinway & Sons, Fazioli and Bechstein.

European Piano Pros

Looking to invest in a European piano? You won’t regret it due to these great advantages:

  • Range of choice: European pianos offer a variety of choice both in type of piano and price
  • Luxury quality: European piano brands pride themselves on offering a luxurious option
  • Manufactured using the highest innovation: Because European pianos are readily available, the market is competitive and brands compete to provide the most innovative instruments.

European Piano Cons

Be careful when purchasing a European piano. Things to be wary of include:

  • Labelling: Some pianos are branded European but are built using cheaper parts from other countries
  • Cost: Anything European often has a higher cost value in Australia
  • Some are mass produced

Let a Professional Help You Decide

Now that you’ve done your research on European vs Australian pianos, you can confirm your final decision with a professional who will help you decide on the make and model of your next piano.

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