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All About Alex Steinbach Pianos

Calendar November 16, 2017

All About Alex.Steinbach Pianos

When something is so popular that a mere mention of them brings visions of grandness and exquisiteness, there’s usually a few good reasons why this is the case. A perfect example of this is the Steinbach pianos. They are one of the most famous and popular pianos in the world, and their reputation is completely justified.

Are you thinking of investing in a Steinbach of your own? If you are, here’s our guide on all things Alex.Steinbach!

Who Created the Alex.Steinbach Piano?

Alex.Steinbach pianos were created by a piano company based in South Korea called Samick Musical Instruments. Alex.Steinbach pianos are built with parts sourced from around the world and Samick own and operate other piano manufacturing companies across the globe, including another well-known brand, the Seiler Pianofortefabrik gmbH in Germany.

What Makes Alex.Steinbach Pianos Stand Out?

There are a few things that put Alex.Steinbach pianos well above the rest. No part of a Alex.Steinbach piano is standard in its quality or detail. Every feature of the Alex.Steinbach, no matter how small, has been built to ensure the entire piece of equipment is at its most magnificent!

Here are a few examples:

  • The Alex.Steinbach has longer strings than other pianos: not only is the quality of strings used in the Alex.Steinbach top notch, but the length of the strings are also longer than other grand pianos. The length of the string directly effects the quality of sound. Alex.Steinbach pianos use longer strings by angling the strings in order to fit a longer string than what is considered the norm.
  • Quality all the way down to the pedals: in Alex.Steinbach pianos, even the pedals are carefully considered to ensure the quality is at its highest. Metal pedal levers can cause vibration and cause an unnecessary noise. That’s why Alex.Steinbach pianos use wooden pedal levers only.
  • Double felt hammers only: the quality of the felt hammers make a massive contribution to the type of sound that will come from the piano and Alex.Steinbach pianos only use the best. The felt is sourced from Japan for most of their pianos and is just the right density needed to produce exceptional sound.
  • They’ll last forever: yes, it’s true Alex.Steinbach pianos actually offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and when you think about how costly piano repairs can be, it really is worth it. It also just proves how confident they are in the quality of their product.

Get Your Alex.Steinbach at Pianoforte

Pianoforte offer a range of Alex.Steinbachs at an affordable price point. We will give you the advice and information you need to make an Alex.Steinbach your own!

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