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The Wonderful World of IQ Pianos Revealed

the world of IQ self-play pianos
Calendar May 23, 2016

IQ Pianos are remarkable, innovative creations that blend old-world piano craftsmanship by Alex.Steinbach with cutting-edge Silent Drive technology from PianoDiscTM. This combination makes the IQ Piano both a concert-quality instrument and a versatile home entertainment system. The Silent Drive hidden away inside the instrument makes it both piano and pianist, coming to life with moving keys and pedals to play hundreds of pieces of music.

More Possibilities with a Smarter Piano

This type of piano opens up a world of possibilities for recording, performance, home entertainment, and more. We’ve thought about our favourite uses for the IQ Piano and collected them here. Read on to find out why this is the ultimate piano lovers’ piano.

High-Quality Instruments

Aside from the amazing technology in IQ Pianos, they are also high-quality instruments in their own right.

Alex.Steinbach uses the best European mountain spruce for their soundboards, quality double felt on their hammers, and Klaus Fenner’s design for longer bass strings. All this, plus much more, makes Alex.Steinbach pianos a joy to play whether at home, in the studio or practice room, or in a concert hall. Their intelligent pianos come in a range of models including upright, baby grand, and full-size grand pianos.

The World’s Most Reliable Accompanist

For recitals, music exams, eisteddfods, or any other situation where an accompanist is essential, IQ Pianos can act as accompanist, removing human error from the situation. With more than 500 pieces of music pre-loaded into their music library, and thousands more available to download, you’re almost certain to find the piece you’re after.

An Amazing Listening Experience

Listening to piano music has never been better than with an IQ Piano, whether you love  classical, jazz, rock’n’roll, blues, or pop. Rather than hearing your favourite piano songs in digital formats through speakers, you can now hear them in their true acoustic brilliance.

This is great not only for home entertainment, but also for educational settings, background music at events, or as to entertain patrons in a hotel bar.

Entertain Friends and Family

An IQ Piano is a huge asset at dinner parties, afternoon teas, crafternoons, or any other social gathering at your home. Your friends and family will be delighted by the traditional charm of live piano music, but you won’t need to be tied to the piano playing or paying someone to play for you. Alex-Steinbach IQ Pianos also come with a free iPad which you can use to change tracks and adjust volume from anywhere in your home.

Integrated Technology

Silent DriveTM technology is designed to integrate with almost any music playback device including iPhone, iPad and other apple technology, android devices, mp3 players, and more. This allows you to easily control the playback and volume of your IQ Piano using a familiar interface.

Unlike an old-fashioned Pianola, this type of piano truly ‘play itself’ and can do so at any volume, giving the same expressive performance whether it’s blaring loud or whisper quiet.

See One for Yourself

If you want to see an amazing Alex.Steinbach IQ Piano in action, come down to our piano showroom in Sydney for a free demonstration of an upright or grand piano with Silent DriveTM technology.