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Purchasing a Silent Piano

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Calendar December 10, 2018

Purchasing a Silent Piano

A silent piano combines the feel and style of an acoustic instrument with the convenience of a digital piano.

Silent pianos can be played with headphones, making them very useful for people who want to practise in private or without disturbing others. But silent pianos still look and feel exactly like an acoustic piano. If you don’t believe us, visit your local piano showroom to find out!

Practice Without Disturbing Others

If you’ve ever lived with a musician, you’ll know how annoying the constant background noise can be! With a silent piano, this will no longer be a problem – you can practise without making any noise at all! A silent piano is a perfect choice for anyone with housemates or young children.

A traditional grand piano isn’t the best choice for those who live in small apartments. Sound travels through thin walls meaning you risk disturbing your neighbours. But with a silent piano, you can slip on a pair of headphones and play away!

Perfect for Focused Practice

If your piano is in a shared living area, there a million distractions that can drag you away from practice! If other members of your household are watching television or chatting, it can be hard to focus. A silent piano allows you to play completely undisturbed.

Playing using headphones on an electronic piano or silent piano enables you to hear every detail of the music, ideal for when you’re trying to perfect a difficult piece.

Practice Your Piano Skills Any Time

Sometimes, life gets in the way of piano practice.  If you’re a shift worker, student or parent, you’ll know how difficult it can be to grab a few hours to practice your musical skills. A silent piano enables you to practice any time of the day or night.

If you love burning the midnight oil, a silent piano allows you to play to your heart’s content without the risk of waking your family or neighbours. Being able to play anytime opens up a whole new world of piano practice!

Record and Edit with Ease

Without expensive audio equipment, recording your piano can be a real challenge. Recording keyboards is easy, but it’s just not the same as playing a traditional piano. If you’re someone who loves to remix and edit your music, a silent piano offers flexibility and convenience. Thanks to their MIDI interface, silent pianos allow you to record directly into your computer or another device. Because the sound is recorded directly from the piano, you won’t hear any background noise or other interference.

If you’re interested in a silent piano for your home, take a trip to your trusted local piano store, Pianoforte. Our team are more than happy to show you around, so get in touch today.