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Mind Mapping for Enhanced Piano Performance

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Calendar July 25, 2018

Mind Mapping for Enhanced Piano Performance

If you’re looking to bring your piano playing to the next level, you will want to try mind mapping. Mind mapping is becoming a popular method to enhance performance, and once you know how to do it correctly it can be a fantastic resource to have in your toolkit.

Here’s everything you need to know about mind mapping and how you can start using it for your next show.

What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is a visual representation of a concept or topic, similar to, but more complex than a brainstorm. A mind map is used to enhance piano performance by representing various parts of the piece through the use of colours, symbols, pictures or words. There’s no concrete way to use a mind map, as it will depend on your learning style and personality. You may use more pictures than others, or perhaps you prefer to have more keywords – the choice is yours.

How Can You Use Mind mapping to Prepare for Your Next Performance?

If you’ve ever been nervous about a test, speech or musical performance, you wouldn’t be the first. One of the biggest reasons why people get anxious in these situations is the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. Mind mapping helps reduce that anxiety, as it allows you to plan and section each part clearly through a visual representation that can always refer to. You can even take mind maps on stage to refer to while you play. Some ways you can use mind maps for a performance include:

• Preparing for a difficult piece by exploring everything you know about it
• Tracking your transitions through each performance on stage
• Using symbols to represent certain chords, notes or reminders of how you’d like to play a particular part of a piece

What are the Best Types of Mind maps to Use?

There are many mind map templates online and through apps that are available for download. Explore these, but remember that the best mind map will be one that works for you, and that mind maps are supposed to allow for flexibility and change when needed.

Do You Need Help with Your Mind Mapping?/

The combination of mind maps and an excellent piano will take you far. At Pianoforte, we help you find a piano that’s appropriate for your needs. We also offer music lessons, rental, tuning and repair services. Visit a showroom in Sydney or contact us to find out more.