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6 Reasons to Buy an Alex.Steinbach Piano

Alex Steinbach Piano
Calendar March 31, 2021

If you’re in the market for a piano but you’re not sure how to make heads or tails of the different brands, go no further than an Alex.Steinbach.

Alex.Steinbachs have earned their prestigious reputation in the industry as a result of their outstanding quality and attention to detail. This brand is not afraid to break the mould in order to deliver a superior piano.

We’ve put together a few reasons why an Alex.Steinbach should be top-of-mind when buying your new piano.


Alex.Steinbach pianos are built using the finest materials, sourced from all over the world. This makes them highly sought after pianos that will retain their value well into the future.
These pianos are made by one of the largest and best-known piano companies, Samick Musical Instruments Co. Ltd. Boasting over 80 years of experience, you can be sure that the pianos manufactured by Samick are top of the range.
Alex.Steinbachs are German by design and built using high-quality craftsmanship. The intricacy and attention to each small detail makes them a beautiful addition to any home.

Unique Design

The customised style of an Alex.Steinbach includes several, unique design features that are unrivalled by other brands.

Alex.Steinbachs have longer strings when compared with other pianos. The reason that this is unique (and desirable!) is that the length of the string has a direct effect on resonance. These pianos are built in a way that allows for these longer strings to be angled, so that they fit comfortably inside the piano, creating a richer sound than pianos with standard strings.

Alex.Steinbach pianos use traditional wooden pedal levers, instead of the metal ones that have recently become popular across other brands. The metal rods that come with these metal pedals have a nasty habit of creating a small amount of unwanted buzzing, so Alex.Steinbach pushed back on this trend in order to retain the quality of the sound.

The felt hammers in an Alex.Steinbach are another feature that are unique to their design. Each hammer has two layers of felt, rather than the regular ‘single-felt’ approach used by other piano brands. This double-felting technique creates a warmer sound when the hammers hit the strings inside the piano.

Made for Australia

An important piece of trivia about the Alex.Steinbachs is that they were made with the effects of hot weather in mind. These pianos use a triple-strength, fine-grain spruce soundboard that is specifically designed to hold up against the harsh Australian climate.

Many other pianos use single layer spruce soundboard that won’t stand the test of time the way an Alex.Steinbach will. The thinner the soundboard, the more liable it is to cracking due to sudden shifts in temperature and humidity. The sheer durability of these pianos is a great reason to buy an Alex.Steinbach.

Beautiful, Resonant Tone

When it comes to tone color, you can’t go past an Alex.Steinbach. For reasons already discussed above, the resonance and sound quality of these pianos is unique and cannot be compared to other, standard brands.

The timbre of an Alex.Steinbach is deep, warm and mellow. This beautiful and expressive tone will enhance the enjoyment you gain while playing your new piano, after you’ve brought it home.

Lifetime Warranty

Unlike any other piano brand, Alex.Steinbach offers a limited lifetime warranty. This is outstanding when compared with the usual 5-10 year period given by other piano manufacturers.

Alex.Steinbachs are not only designed to produce the highest quality sound and aesthetic, they’re also built to last. If anything, the lifetime warranty provided by Alex.Steinbach paints a picture of how strongly they believe in their product.

Colour Options

On top of their commitment to cutting edge piano technology, Alex.Steinbach also set themselves apart by offering pianos in a range of different colours, at the same price as their standard black.

The Alex.Steinbachs come in 8 different colours, ranging from bright white, to vibrant red, all the way to rich, dark mahogany. With a broad spectrum of colour to choose from, you’re sure to find something that ties in seamlessly with the style and palette of your home.

There is no doubt that an Alex.Steinbach is a great pick for your new piano. Their lifetime warranty and superior design make them a strong, long-term investment and with such a broad range of colours, they’ll be a beautiful addition to any space.

Contact us here if you have any more questions about the Alex.Steinbach range – our friendly consultants are always happy to help!