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5 Must Have Accessories for Your Piano

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Calendar November 30, 2019

Once you have chosen the perfect piano, you’ll want to get as much enjoyment from it as possible. The easiest way to enhance your playing experience is to invest in some piano accessories. No matter what type of piano you play, the right kind of accessories can improve your comfort and help you get the most out of your piano.


If you choose to play a keyboard or digital piano, headphones are an essential accessory. A pair of good quality headphones will have you practising for longer, at any time of day or night, without the embarrassment that can come from somebody overhearing the many mistakes it takes to figure out a piece. Headphones aren’t only great for keeping sound in; if you want to make the most of the portability of your keyboard or digital piano  they are necessary for tuning the rest of the world out.

Piano Stool

When you sit down to play your piano, take a moment to consider whether your seat is helping or hindering your practise. An uncomfortable seat can lead to poor posture and hand positioning which, over time, can cause back strain and carpal tunnel. The right piano stool can allow you to play comfortably for sustained sessions, which will quickly add up to noticeable improvements in your technique. If it is not a pleasure to sit at your piano the only accumulation you’ll see is dust on your keys.

A Stand

After the time and money that you have invested in finding the right keyboard, don’t put it at risk by perching it anywhere. A keyboard stand will guarantee that your keyboard can withstand through even the most enthusiastic staccato.

A Sustain Pedal

Most pianos have a built in sustain pedal – they’re essential for creating expressiveness in pieces. If your keyboard or digital piano is not equipped with a sustain pedal, this simple accessory will allow you to add depth and feeling to your playing with very little effort.

A Metronome

Practising with a metronome prevents you from developing tempo problems. Mastering rhythm and pacing is not only a great way to improve your own playing, but it also allows you to play well with others whether in a duet or an orchestra.

Choose the Right Piano for You

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