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Yamaha Uprights

Yamaha Upright Pianos

The Pianoforte brag its authenticity in supplying well-known and one of a kind piano worldwide. We are based in Australia, and we’ve been having the most extensive range of upright and grand pianos from starter to full-size concert type of pianos. With vast brands available, we can make sure that our pianos are serviced and inspected highly by our technicians.

Yamaha – World’s Best Brands

One of our most popular brand in the market is the YAMAHA Upright Pianos, and through the years, we’ve managed to deliver Premium Yamaha Pianos. Yamaha brand developed what an upright can be, resonant tone, reliable action and of incredible value. Combined with our industry experiences, you can guarantee that our team will find the best Yamaha instrument for you.

Yamaha produces the World’s most exquisite upright pianos, including the top-selling Yamaha U1. They also developed five different series of exemplary models. The P series, B series, the Gallery collection, the U series, and the YU series. And with this, we are proud to announce that The Pianoforte is an authorized Yamaha Piano dealer.

Yamaha B Series

The first Yamaha Upright Series is the B series. Having three models ranging in size from 43-49 inches tall. This series is suitable for beginners and even to the professional piano players.

Yamaha P Series and the Gallery Collection 

The Yamaha P Series is the perfect piano for your homes, house of worship, or institutional settings. And if you are fond to a more traditional piano look, the 660 and the M560 feature colonial styling can complement your whole décor.

Yamaha U Series

This series of an upright piano contains the bestselling model of all time, the Yamaha U1. Being crafted in Japan, the U series offers a vast range of Yamaha’s most extensive design at a very competitive price. The Yamaha models U1 and U3 will surely exceed your expectation, so make sure to get it from our service.

Yamaha YUS Series

This series offers three finest models. It features the CFX Grand piano hammer felt, a modern aesthetic design and rigorous action regulation. This series is an excellent choice for all professional musicians to a dedicated beginner student of piano.

Let Pianoforte Guide You in Choosing Your Very Own Upright Piano

The Pianoforte can help guide you in choosing the best Yamaha Series suited for your wants and needs. We bear in mind that you should consider several sensible qualities and standards in selecting the best upright piano. And with that, we can partner with you as you decide to have one. With our piano specialists available for you, together we can assure that you’ll get what your heart’s desire without=t breaking your pocket.

We are proud to offer world-class Yamaha Upright Pianos that are new, pre-owned, refurbished and even reconditioned. Securing the best quality for your safety, and being one of the well-known piano stores in Sydney, we master an independent importing and selling of products with top condition. Each piano in our showrooms are A+ graded and are all handpicked.

Here at The Pianoforte, we bring the best tune for you!

For more comprehensive services and your queries, call us today.

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