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If you are looking for a musical instrument, then the upright piano is the best option you have.


What is an upright piano?

An upright piano is a musical instrument where the strings are strung vertically. It is to make the tool more compact that can be played in a limited space. Upright pianos are made in different heights.

The shortest upright pianos are called spinets or consoles generally considered to have a low tone, while larger upright pianos were famous in the later 19th and early 20th century.

Why choose the upright piano?

  • Action

The strings of upright pianos rely on a series of various tools to reset the hammer. These instruments have become so unconventional. The mid to high end upright pianos tend to have a faster reset speed than any other entry-level grands.

  • Key length

The upright pianos have shorter keys. Shorter keys result in slightly less control over dynamics. The shorter the keys, the less it weighs, and these keys give less power.

  • Size

Upright takes less space than the grand piano. If you want to play with controlled sound, the upright piano has a smaller soundboard, which results in a quieter piano. It can also play in full and loud in a small to medium-sized room. Plus, the upright piano is less expensive to move because they take less time to build and use less materials.

  • Tone

The sound of an upright piano is on average. The size and quality of the soundboard have a significant impact on tone. The larger the upright piano, the larger the soundboard can get. The soundboard’s size has the biggest impact on the low and mid register of the notes.

  • Dust

The dust on the strings can affect the piano’s sound. An upright piano doesn’t need dusting as often as the grand piano. If you dislike the idea of having dust on your instrument, upright is the best option.

Choose the best and high-quality upright piano. Although upright pianos have lower prices than some other pianos, a bad quality upright can cause you frustration after a short time. Overall, upright pianos serve as an excellent musical instrument to create good sound and add more emphasis on the emotional expression of the music.

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Showing 1–16 of 24 results