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Kawai Piano

Kawai Piano

Kawai pianos have reached the pinnacle of international acclaim. Found on concert stages throughout the world, they continue to be selected by gold medal winners and finalists at prestigious international piano competitions across the globe.

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Some companies follow trends. Others create them.
Some companies fear change. Others embrace it.
Some companies live in the past. Others become the future.
The Future of the Piano Industry


Kawai has always been a company that celebrates and cultivates creativity. Our commitment to this principle of artistic excellence is unwavering and can be seen in the various milestones we have reached throughout our history, as well as the innovations that continue to shape today’s piano industry.


From designing one of the world’s first digital pianos with built-in sequencing capabilities (the AP3000) back in 1983 to release an acoustic model featuring new technologies such as Acoustic Resonance Imaging™ (ARI™) soundboard design technology and Bluetooth® capability for wireless connectivity in 2016 – Kawai will not stop pursuing perfection.


The sense of pride that comes from producing instruments known around the world for their innovative features, elegant styling, superior craftsmanship and immaculate sound is what drives us to continue striving for the highest level of innovation.


Kawai pianos are famous around the world for their:
Innovative features
Eelegant styling
Superior craftsmanship
Immaculate sound


A sense of pride comes from producing instruments such as these that generate a response among artists like Joni Mitchell, who says, “Kawai has produced one of the finest sounding electric pianos I’ve ever played” (quote taken from J.M.)


This was followed by an acoustic model featuring new technologies such as Acoustic Resonance Imaging and the Acoustic Projection System in 2012


The ARI system uses computer analysis to study resonances coming from inside the pianos themselves for additional authenticity. At the same time, APS optimizes sound projection by using concave modelling around each key’s percussive area to increase power output without increasing volume.


The inner beauty of these instruments is derived from more than just design; it’s a marvel of technology and engineering.

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Showing all 12 results