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Why choose a grand piano?

Whether you’re a first time or nth time piano buyer, purchasing a grand piano will always be an excellent decision. There are three reasons why you should purchase a grand piano — sound, touch, and quality.

  • Sound – Grand pianos are always known for its regal look. Being bigger than most upright pianos, their strings are also longer. Because of this, these strings can vibrate more precisely and create wider overtones compared to pianos with shorter strings. As a result, a fuller and richer sound is produced. In this case, you can say that the string size significantly matters.  
  • Touch – Compared to its other counterparts, grand pianos have more responsive key actions because of the double escapement technique. This particular technique enables pianists to play and express nuances that cannot be achieved with regular upright pianos.  
  • Quality – When it comes to the materials in making the grand piano, regardless of the manufacturer, only the top-quality materials are used. To top it all, they also employ careful and precise manufacturing systems. All these can make sure that the grand piano sounds perfect in recording, competitions, and concerts.

Brands we carry  

We carry creme de la creme brands for our grand piano product line. Two of the best brands we have are Yamaha Grand Pianos and Alex Steinbach Grand Pianos. We also offer pre-loved Kawai Grands that is in pristine condition. 

Salient features of grand pianos

  • Duplex Scaling mechanism – If you’re using a regular piano, you can see that there’s a portion in its string that is left unused. In grand pianos, this part is typically damped with a small piece of cloth to prevent unnecessary noise. This piano mechanism, known as the duplex scaling system, paves the way for resonance in this portion. As a result, the said string vibrates immensely to create a rich, pleasant sound. To date, all grand pianos of Yamaha are equipped with this mechanism, with the exception of their GA1 and GB1 piano models. Steinbach, on the other hand, has a full-duplex and half-duplex selections.   
  • Aluminum-made alloy action rails – Changes in the weather can likewise cause fluctuations in the piano’s wood rails. The same can adversely affect the piano’s touch response. For Yamaha grand pianos, this special patent has long been developed, paving the way for the stability of the piano’s action regulation mechanism.  
  • Silent pianos – There are also grand pianos that have silent versions. This version means you’re getting the same acoustic piano, only with an additional option of silencing its strings and connect it to the headphones. For those practising late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, this feature is very handy. You get to practice anytime you’d like without disturbing your neighbours.  

Premium Grand Pianos for the Best Price

If you’re ready to take home that grand piano of your dreams, drop by our Sydney store today.

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Showing all 15 results