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Yamaha NU1XA


The Best of Both Worlds.
Everything You Want From An Acoustic.
Everything You Need In A Digital.


  • Matching bench
  • PA-500 Adaptor
  • 5 Year Yamaha Warranty

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AvantGrand Series

The Best of Both Worlds. Everything You Want From An Acoustic. Everything You Need In A Digital. The experience of pure performance from the spirit of a grand piano in the smallest size in AvantGrand family.


Natural touch with acoustic piano action

The NU1XA utilizes a complex and elaborate upright piano action mechanism that transmits the delicate movements of the keys to the hammer. It responds accurately to the subtlest nuances and expressive intentions of the player, including delicate performance techniques such as trills and continuously repeated notes. In addition, the keyboard is made of wood, just as with an acoustic piano, providing a solid, natural response.

Remarkably detailed expressiveness with the yamaha articulation sensor system

The NU1XA features our newly developed Articulation Sensor System, which accurately and continuously captures the pianist’s subtlest performance nuances, through non-contact electromagnetic sensors and Yamaha’s proprietary algorithm. This system utilizes two separate sensors on each key: one for the hammer—the most crucial part of the acoustic piano sound mechanism—and the other for the key itself, to precisely measure the movement of finger release and articulate exactly the special nuances when the sound stops. Together, they fully capture the most delicate expressions of the player.

Grandtouch pedals for even broader performance range

The damper pedal on a grand piano responds with slightly different resistance to the player’s foot, depending on when the pedal is pressed, when it begins to have effect, and when it is held down. Skilled players generally pedal while feeling these subtle differences in resistance, and add their own delicate variations to the tone and sound. Moreover, when the pedal is released, there is a different change in resistance than when being pressed. The GrandTouchTM Pedals feature adopts a fulcrum structure similar to that of a grand piano, delivering the same expressive and familiar pedal-pressing feel, and further expanding the performance range.

Resonance that fills the performance space like a grand piano

The very moment the hammer strikes the strings, the sound is immediately heard by the performer, and at the same time, the entire instrument resonates, filling the room with gorgeous sound. In order to faithfully reproduce this unique sonic experience created with a grand piano, the NU1XA employs a new sound system. It features upward-facing woofers that deeply resonate throughout the instrument and tweeters with a newly designed horn structure that resonate in the high frequencies with the front and back of the instrument. Together with these synergistic resonance effects, the tonal quality and sound projection gives the player meticulous real-time control over the sound as they perform, resulting in an amazingly realistic grand-piano-like sound that expands three dimensionally throughout the performance space.


  • Articulation Sensor System with the key and hammer sensors
  • CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples
  • CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial Binaural sampling
  • Grand Expression Modeling
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
  • GrandTouch™ Pedals
  • New sound system
  • Sophisticated design that embodies the profound elegance of a grand piano
  • Amplifiers: (40 W + 45 W) × 2
  • Speakers: (16 cm + 2.5 cm (dome) with Bidirectional Horn) × 2
  • Built-in Bluetooth® for wireless connection to Smart Device and apps

Additional information

Weight 138 kg
Dimensions 160 × 55 × 113 cm