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Alex Steinbach AS132 Professional Upright Grand (Demo)


132cm Professional Upright Grand Piano with Sostenuto Pedal – Demo Model, As New Condition


  • PREMIUM Height adjustable stool
  • FREE Tuning after delivery (Sydney metro)
  • FREE Delivery (Sydney metro, no stairs)
  • Alex Steinbach Limited Lifetime Warranty

We recommend this piano for:

  • Professional pianists and advanced students
  • Music educators and teachers
  • Music schools, conservatories, and performance venues
  • Recording studios and music production facilities

On display at The Pianoforte Chatswood
Please call (02) 9411 8911 to check stock availability.

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Alex Steinbach AS132 Professional Upright Grand

The Alex Steinbach AS132 professional upright elevates the Alex Steinbach Millennia II with upgraded materials, delivering a deeper, richer tone and improved piano action ideal for tackling complex pieces. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, this model offers a noticeable step up, enhancing your piano experience.

Crafted with premium materials sourced from Germany, like Roslau strings and Abel piano hammers, this piano ensures lasting reliability. Unlike other brands that rely on plastic components, Alex Steinbach sticks to traditional methods, using only timber parts for extra durability.

Featuring extended bass strings for a deep, warm tone, this piano embodies European style with a heavier key feel, reminiscent of German craftsmanship. Crafted by Samick, a globally renowned piano company, and designed by Klaus Fenner, an esteemed German Piano Designer, Alex Steinbach pianos guarantee exceptional quality and performance.

  1. German Roslau Piano Strings deliver a tone that is both rich and resonant, adding depth and character to every note played.
  2. German Abel hammers with wool felt from Germany and Japan for a warm and durable tone.
  3. Reinforced solid spruce soundboard sourced from Quebec, Germany, Italy, or Alaska to minimize cracking and maintain excellent sound quality.
  4. Longer bass strings and a larger soundboard for enhanced resonance and rich sound.
  5. 100% timber action parts for proven reliability, unlike pianos with more plastic components.
  6. Slow fall lid designed to keep little hands and fingers safe.
  7. Premium height adjustable stool for comfort and extended playing time.
  8. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, offering lifelong peace of mind.

All new Alex Steinbach pianos come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 148 × 64 × 132 cm



Alex.Steinbach pianos are crafted by Samick Musical Instruments Co Ltd, a renowned global piano company based in South Korea. With piano manufacturing companies worldwide, including the prestigious Seiler Pianofortefabrik GmbH in Germany, Samick ensures exceptional quality. Designed by renowned German Piano Designer Klaus Fenner, Alex.Steinbach pianos feature high-quality materials sourced globally.