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Casio Digital Pianos

One of the significant differences of a digital keyboard over an acoustic piano is the additional innovations that will surely enhance your music learning while making the play more enjoyable. Casio digital pianos are well-known today because they give several features that you can’t find in any other piano types. With Casio Digital Pianos’ contemporary yet classic design, lightweight, compact, and the ability to reproduce the timbers of a diversity of musical instruments in addition to piano sound with built-in functionality makes it more appealing.

Casio Digital Piano at Pianoforte Superstores

For over how many years, since the development of the first digital piano, many of the brand instrument makers have strived harder to create and come up with an instrument that could provide the experience of playing a grand and high-tech piano. With this, Casio Digital Piano has refined and refueled its technologies to reach the advantage of being the number one server of digital pianos.

This situation allowed Casio to explore and research the best digital pianos worldwide and emerge groundbreaking music that recreates the piano experience. These newest and classical Casio digital pianos incorporate tones in its grandest system; the keyboard system also employs the same material yet of high definition. For more information, take a look at these products:CASIO DIGITAL PIANOS FEATURES

  • CASIO Privia Digital Piano

    This is the redefined digital piano by Casio with extraordinary performance and useful quality features in a more elegant and stylish design that is impeccably portable. It also features Casio’s Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard. Casio digital piano is a managed keyboard performance that recreates a grand piano’s feel, weight, and resistance. Privia promotes Class Compliant USB MIDI that allows Apple and Windows to use without the need for extra drivers.

  • CASIO Celviano Digital Piano

    The CASIO Celviano digital piano has been refueled for those who demand an authentic grand piano. Its traditional and classical design houses new stereo grand piano sounds and redefined keyboard action. The elegant cabinetsof this digital piano and incredible playing sensation are also matched in acoustic pianos. It also utilizes a tri-sensor scaled hammer action where every nuance and detail of your performance is captured. Celviano digital pianos are a significant and sound property that can provide years of satisfaction backed up by a five year extended guarantee.

  • CASIO Celviano Grand Hybrid Digital Piano

    CASIO now begins with a rich piano history called Grand Hybrid. This digital piano is considered as one of Casio’s authentic products. The comprehensive new Grand Hammer Action Keyboard is manufactured with full-length wooden grand piano keys that result in an uncompromising and original piano touch. The Casio’s unknown Air Grand Sound Source is also attached to this digital piano that supplies not just one but three grand pianos tones. The simulation samples the room with rich and complex sound, reaching the performer simultaneously, the audience.

The Pianoforte Premium Brands – Casio Digital Piano 

There are various designs and digital pianos features from CASIO that make them more diverse and in demand. If you’re looking and planning to buy a keyboard, CASIO Digital Pianos is one of the best and most recommended brands for you!

And with Pianoforte, together with our well-trained staff, we can guide you in choosing the best digital piano that will fit your demands and standards. Or you can browse through the selection below and feel free to contact us for more questions and inquiries.

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Showing all 13 results