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PianoDisc iQ


The World’s Leading Player Piano System

Live music – any time – through the magic of Piano IQ – played by iPad.

A 21st century version of the player piano, the Piano IQ transforms your piano into a highly sophisticated music reproducing system.The simple touch of a button can turn your home into a concert hall – enriching your environment with your choice of pre-recorded performances of the greatest artists.

Do you like listening to piano music? Entertain friends at the touch of your iPad!

Just relax with your loved ones after dinner with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and enjoy a fabulous piano concert, as recorded by real pianists in PianoDisc’s recording studio in Sacramento, California.

Choose your favourite artists and music styles from a wide variety of selections. Sit back, listen and enjoy the performance. The keys even move automatically!

Can I still play my piano normally?

You can still play your grand piano in the traditional way, with strings. Switch between playing an authentic piano and the automated PianoDisc system, simply and easily.

Save Thousands of Dollars!

Alex.Steinbach is the only brand approved by PianoDisc America to import their pianos into Australia with PianoDisc systems already pre-installed. This exclusive arrangement results in huge savings for you.

For more information, to request a brochure, or to book a demonstration at one of our stores, please call or email us.

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Showing all 5 results