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Raise Your Piano's IQ with Self-Playing Pianos

Our piano showroom features the complete range of Alex.Steinbach IQ self-play acoustic pianos. These remarkable instruments are high quality acoustic pianos, ideal for your living room or a concert hall. But underneath their ordinary exterior they hide a remarkable secret – PianoDisc™ Silent Drive technology.

This technology allows IQ pianos to play themselves, complete with moving keys and pedals. This type of piano is perfect for the musician who also likes to entertain – or just be entertained. An IQ upright or grand piano can be used for concerts, recording, or practice, or it can provide background music at a party or even used to entertain the kids by providing a live soundtrack to classic cartoons.

The Ultimate Stereo System

If you love listening to piano music, an IQ self-play piano is better than a stereo. Rather than hearing your favourite pieces in digital mediums via speakers, you can have them played for you in rich acoustic brilliance, right in your own living room.

These types of pianos come in both upright and grand piano styles, and feature a catalogue of more than 500 pieces of music including classical, jazz, rock’n’roll, and pop music. Some pieces even feature instrumental and vocal accompaniments that are played through hidden speakers under the instrument.

Control at Your Fingertips

The IQ self-play instruments in our piano showrooms can be controlled using a bonus iPad that comes with every purchase. This allows you to select music and adjust the piano’s volume conveniently. Allowing you to mingle at a party, or relax on the couch, while still controlling your musical experience.

A Centrepiece for Your Home

As well as being a quality instrument, our Alex-Steinbach IQ self-play pianos are also a beautiful design centrepiece for your home. Whether it’s the classic, austere beauty of the Elegance Classic grand piano or the old-world charm of the Recital upright piano, these instruments are beautifully crafted, enhancing your lifestyle aesthetically and musically.

Come down to one of our piano showrooms or browse below to choose the IQ self-play piano that works for you.