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We Love Acoustic Pianos

There is something special about the unique tones and aesthetic designs of acoustic pianos. Whether they are grand pianos, upright pianos, or baby grands, we love them and we stock a huge range of acoustic pianos in our three piano stores in Sydney.


Is an Acoustic Piano Right for You?
Whereas electric pianos use digital signals to create music, acoustic pianos are actually stringed percussion instruments. Inside every acoustic piano is a complex array of hammers, which are triggered by the keys to strike strings inside the instrument’s body. This creates a unique and rich sound, but also makes acoustic pianos bulkier and heavier than their electric counterparts.
When deciding which kind of piano to buy or rent, consider what you will be using it for – acoustic pianos are best for uses like recording, professional concerts, or as permanent fixtures in your home. If you need an instrument you can transport easily, or are just giving piano a try, a digital piano or keyboard may be better for you.


Our Range of Acoustic Pianos
Our Sydney piano stores stock many acoustic piano brands and our staff are equipped with specialist knowledge to help you choose between them. Some of the types of piano and piano brands we stock are:
  • Grand PianosGrand pianos are ideal for concerts and recording. The top of the instrument can be easily lifted to let more sound resonate out, or to achieve ideal microphone placement. The Pianoforte stocks a number of top grand piano brands like Steinbach and Samick. We also have a range of baby grand pianos for elegance and convenience.
  • Upright Pianos: While they are also great for concerts or recordings, upright pianos are perfect for the home. Uprights are more compact and more affordable, perfect to tuck against the wall for daily practice or sing-alongs around the piano. We stock Steinbach and Yamaha upright pianos in a wide range of styles.
Want the warm tone and classic look of an acoustic piano? Drop into one of our Sydney piano stores, or browse through the selection below.

Showing 1–12 of 40 results

Showing 1–12 of 40 results