Unique Works of Art

Is there such a thing as the perfect piano? This is a question we have been asking ourselves, and the answers we have come up with have made our selection as below…
Our performance grand pianos are far more than just top quality instruments. They are all unique and masterly works of art, destined to bring pleasure to those who own them for decades to come, thus enhancing their joie de vivre and their love of music.

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  • Alex Steinbach Pianos: WSU132, AS175D, AS186D, SIP208D, SIP228, JS125, AS150D
  • Yamaha Professional Models: YUS1, YUS3YUS5, C1X, C2X
  • Casio Digital Pianos: AP470, AP710, GP310, GP510
  • Roland Digital Pianos: HP704, LX-705, LX-706, LX-708, GP-609
  • Yamaha Digital Pianos: Clavinova range, Hybrid range