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An Invaluable Reference for the Prospective Piano Buyer

Selecting a piano that is “just right for you” can be a challenging experience. Currently, there are more than 30 different piano brands available in Australia – from Casio to Yamaha – and each brand offers a range of models and styles. If you’re looking for a particular brand or type, visit one of our Sydney piano stores. With a piano showroom near you, we can find the perfect fit for your fingers!

Why It’s So Important to Choose the Right Piano

There is a range of reasons why your choice of piano is one of your most important decisions:

  1. Keyboard action: Every piano, like every musical instrument, has individual characteristics. Some brands are well-known for their beautiful keyboard action, notably Yamaha grand pianos.
  2. Piano sound: Some brands are well-known for their exceptional sound, like Roland, Steinbach and several other top names. Many pianos, in fact, are famous for their voices and extraordinary depth and quality of sound.
  3. Personal preferences: The piano you’re most comfortable with is definitely the right one for you. It’s a good idea to test different pianos and look for that unique relationship.
  4. Technical requirements: Some pianos, like silent pianos, are specifically designed for professional practice and are perfect for professional musicians. Others may offer a range of features, depending on your needs. Digital pianos also offer a vast range of technical capabilities.

If you play music, your piano is your partner. Your choice will definitely relate to your playing fluency and proficiency. Visit our piano showroom and take the time to explore your range of options.

So How Do You Choose the Right Piano?

Your first step should be to request a free copy of The Australian Piano Buyers Guide! This is a general guide to the types of pianos you will see in stores around Australia. It is not a discussion of brands or specific models, but it will provide you with a wealth of information that is essential to your search for quality acoustic or digital pianos. Please also see “How to care for your piano” to “Career opportunities in Music”.

Ask Our Experts

If you’d like some help choosing a piano, or you would simply like to come in and try some fabulous instruments, we’re here to help. Visit one of our piano stores and explore our complete range.